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Four Peaks Shawl

It feels like absolutely the wrong time of the year to be launching a huge big snuggly DK weight shawl knitting pattern, but really it's not. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, then of course it's the perfect time to get snuggly and cozy with your knitting. And if you're in the Southern Hemisphere like I am, then you can get knitting so that it's done in time for winter.

I am lucky to have a mountain view from my kitchen window. Among those mountains, which are often covered in snow in the winter, are the Four Peaks. The view featured here is just down the road, and those four peaks on the right are called Devils, Fiery, Waihi and Tripps Peaks. It really is the most fantastic kitchen view.

The Four Peaks Shawl is a fantastically scrummy large shawl that is worked from the bottom corner, increasing all the way until you have a whole lot of yummy snuggly wool to wear.

As you work through the stitches of this great big snuggly shawl, you are forming four rows of zig-z…

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